Samsung 11 XE500 Series Charger

This is the charger for Samsung 11 Chromebooks.

This product has been tested to for compatibility with Samsung Chromebook 2 and Chromebook 3, which includes the following models:

Samsung Chromebook 3:
XE501C13, XE501C13-K01US, XE501C13-K02US, 501C13 501C, XE500C13, XE500C13-K01US, XE500C13-K02US, XE500C13-K03US, XE500C13-K04US, XE500C13-K05US, XE500C13-K06US, XE500C13-S01US, XE500C13-S02US, 500C13, 500C

Samsung Chromebook 2:
XE500C12, XE500C12-K01US, XE500C12-K02US, 500C12, 500C, XE503C12, XE503C12-K01US, XE503C12-K02US, XE503C32, XE503C32-K01US, 503C12, 503C32, 503C

ATIV Book 9:
NP930X2K, NP930X2K-K01US, NP930X2K-K02US, NP930X2K-K03US, NP930X2K-K04US

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Part Number(s): PA-1250-98 w14-026n1a BA44-00322A
Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
12V 2.2A
Outlet Connecter Size:

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